Fall in love with gardening again!

Introducing the hottest new landscaping tool on the market! Whether you’re a home gardener or professional landscapers, SKIDGER will make your life easier!

What does it do…

Maybe a better question is what doesn’t it do? SKIDGER’s unique, patented design allows it to out-perform any other weeder out there.

Slice through weeds

Sharpened blades and pointed shape allow you to eliminate weeds easier than ever before.


SKIDGER’s open design uses a push-pull motion to maximize your efforts and clear large areas in no time.


Works in soil, sand, gravel, bark, and more. Just about anywhere weeds grow, Skidger takes ’em out.

Drip Systems

Drip systems, hoses, and other watering systems are no obstacle, SKIDGER can still reach those pesky weeds.


Get beneath fencing, walls & other obstacles that stop other weeders.


SKIDGER’s pointed tip can get in cracks and sidewalks, no need for harsh chemicals.


After weeding, turn the SKIDGER over to prep soil for planting seeds.

Hard To Reach

Weeds will grow anywhere. SKIDGER is more than a match for them!

Coming soon to an ACE Hardware near you!

We’re excited to announce that SKIDGER will be available at ACE Hardware stores.

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We’re excited to announce…

The Skidger® was the FIRST PLACE winning product at the “Maker to Market” Fall ACE Hardware Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, from among 26 products that were presented on an invitation-only basis. This win provides an exciting opportunity to work with ACE Hardware in bringing the best products to their customers.