About Us

The idea…

…for SKIDGER> started two generations ago on a family farm. Our inventor grew up tending and harvesting vegetables and berries from the farm and picking fruits from the orchard. Farming was a lot of hard work and weeds were always a challenge. Our founder invented her own design for a scuffle hoe that would not only make weeding faster and easier, it would allow her to do many other tasks around the farm and yard without having to switch tools.

As she grew up and had her own family, she shared her love of gardening and growing things with her family. She and her children always had a large yard and garden that required a lot of care. Her unique scuffle hoe was always the prized garden tool because it got the job done faster and easier than any other garden tool.

Later in life she changed and  improved her original design and decided to share it with the world. Our company is built by people who love nature, love gardening and are so excited and impressed with her invention that we have worked to help share her vision with others.

The spirit…

…of SKIDGER> comes from a deep and abiding love for Mother Earth. There is a great joy that comes from getting your hands dirty, growing things in the garden, and enjoying the fruits of your labors. The Earth is full of beauty, and we see humanity as caretakers of the planet that surrounds us with nature’s beauty and provides us wonderful foods for sustenance.

Our mission is to help people connect with nature, care for the planet, and care for each other. By providing simple yet effective products, information and education, we hope to support all those who wish to make this world a better place.

The legacy…

…that started on a family farm generations ago is now a legacy for you, your family, and the world. This planet is not just ours. It belongs to all living things and to generations yet to come. By choosing sustainable and Earth-friendly practices, we can provide the next generation with a world that is healthy and happy. 

We invite you to share in the legacy of getting your hands dirty, growing beautiful things, and caring for our beautiful, wonderful world.