October 21-23, 2021

Drop by our booth W2604C. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to our growing line of groundbreaking weeders (pun intended)! Whether you represent a distributor, retailer or you’re a passionate gardener, you’ll love seeing these innovative designs.

We’re proud to introduce our flagship product: Xtreme Weeder. Stainless steel blade is tough on weeds. Silicone grips are gentle on hands. See a quick demo

titan weeder garden hoe

Titan Weeder is our budget-friendly solution to easier weeding. Twice-tempered steel and fiberglass handle are tough on weeds, easier on the wallet.

Wicked Little Weeder handheld garden hoe

Get up close with our handheld, Wicked Little Weeder. Precision weeding lets gardeners get those weeds hiding among their flowers and other prized plants.

Demo video

Both Xtreme Weeder and Titan Weeder take weeding to a whole new level. Read descriptions below of just some of the many functions these weeders can perform.

Slice through weeds

Sharpened blades and pointed shape allow you to eliminate weeds easier than ever before.


SKIDGER’s open design uses a push-pull motion to maximize your efforts and clear large areas in no time.


Works in soil, sand, gravel, bark, and more. Just about anywhere weeds grow, Skidger takes ’em out.

Drip Systems

Drip systems, hoses, and other watering systems are no obstacle, SKIDGER can still reach those pesky weeds.


Get beneath fencing, walls & other obstacles that stop other weeders.


SKIDGER’s pointed tip can get in cracks and sidewalks, no need for harsh chemicals.


After weeding, turn the SKIDGER over to prep soil for planting seeds.

Hard To Reach

Weeds will grow anywhere. SKIDGER is more than a match for them!

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