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Of course, when it comes to weed killer, we’re partial to Xtreme Weeder. It’s the best garden weeder in the world as far we’re concerned. But working in the yard and garden is all about using the right tool. Xtreme Weeder — and soon Wicked Little Weeder! — will do most of your chores around the yard, especially weeding, but it’s nice to have options!

We thought we’d share a few other weed killing options and tips with you.

Some people take the chemical or commercial weed killer route and use sprays like Spectracide Weed Killer or  Ortho GroundClear, but these are noxious to people, plants, and precious soil. Not only are these options poisonous for people, they can end up killing your prized plants and grass if not handled with utmost care.

We like Earth-friendly options like Green Gobbler or Calyptus which use concentrated vinegar (or acetic acid) as their main weed killing agent. If you’re an organic gardener you’ll be interested in these options. Still use care! Concentrated vinegar is not like vinegar used in the kitchen. It is high-concentrated acetic acid so do not let it touch your skin or other sensitive surfaces, and do not touch your face during use. Cover skin and wash up afterward to make sure you cleanse any dangerous acetic acid off before resuming your day. Skidger’s Soap For Gardeners is the perfect way to get a good handwash after playing in the dirt.

When using vinegar as an all-natural weed killer, be sure to do your research. You’ll want to use the right concentration and spray at the right times of year (depending on your types of weed). Placement of weeds matters, too because acetic acid can kill grass, so if you don’t want yellow or brown spots on your lawn, grab your Xtreme Weeder or Wicked Little Weeder and pop those weeds like dandelions right out!

For more information, check out this article on The Spruce: How to Use Vinegar as a Natural Weed Killer.

Go au naturale.

I love a great English garden. Perhaps it’s my Scottish heritage, but I love that look and feel of a garden overgrowing with green and flowers. To me it’s the perfect celebration of life that a garden represents. The other plus side of an overgrown garden design? It hides the weeds. Weed care actually gets easier when the good plants crowd the weeds out. Weeding becomes more of a spot-check that you can fit in with the relaxing hobby of tending your favorite plants.

Be proactive.

Lay down an eco-friendly ground cover like Agfabric Eco-Friendly for Erosion Control Mulch Mat. Please don’t use plastic or other chemical-laden materials as these can leach into the soil making it unhealthy. You know what grows great in unhealthy soil? Weeds! But not the kind of plants you want. Ground cover is more like a weed preventer than a weed killer, but the end result is the same. No weeds, happy soil, happy plants, and happy you.

There are all-natural forms of ground cover as well. Here are some plants that not only crowd out weeds but beautify your yard as well:

On that note, I walked through a garden that had moss that, when you walked on it, it released the smell of peppermint. It was magical. If anyone knows what kind of moss that was, please contact us and let us know! (It may have been a plant with super small leaves that looked like moss.) But I digress, back to weed killers.

Actually, that’s it. Those are our quick tips for killing unwanted weeds in the garden. We’d love to hear from you. What works for you when working in the garden and getting rid of unwanted weeds?

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