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Attention garden-lovers everywhere! Two years ago, we introduced a truly innovative weeding tool – the Skidger Wicked Weeder – to Kickstarter backers.

I’m happy to say that in our case Kickstarter worked exactly as advertised. It gave us funds to begin manufacturing our garden tool (renamed the Skidger Xtreme Weeder), and to get enough tools sold to afford to send them to all our wonderful Kickstarter supporters, then on to the market!

We entered the game fully naïve of what was expected and required in a battlefield where real estate inside a hardware store or garden shop is sacred, and where the lines of competitive products are drawn. Getting inside is tough.

Fortunately, the creative and innovative nature of our Skidger Xtreme Weeder literally saved us. I’m pleased to announce that this tool is now making its way into the hardware markets where industry giants and good ol’ boys prevail. 

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Skidger family –
The Wicked Little Weeder!

It continues to strike me how creative and determined humans are to save time, blisters, and fingernails to get the gardening job done more efficiently.

And this new innovation will change the life of gardeners everywhere.

After introducing the Skidger Xtreme Weeder, we soon realized that many plants in the garden are close together and need a gentler touch, especially for those who love getting on their knees to really dig in.

Here are a few of the features you will enjoy with this new Wicked Little Weeder:

  • Only 3 inches wide – gets between your precious petunias without accidentally taking them out.
  • Ergonomic – it will save your wrist and lower arm as you use it because of the clever bend in the tool that allows a more natural hand placement on the handle.
  • Sharpened inside and out – many times it’s just easier to pull the tool toward you when you’re in a tight spot. Fortunately, this tool allows for both pushing and pulling, removing exactly what you want and leaving the rest.
  • Pointed front end – easily digs out roots, gets under drip lines and can be used as a small spade to transplant without changing tools.
  • Bright color – this tool is a brilliant bright yellow, so it won’t get lost in the tall grass or among the plants in your garden bed.
  • Built like a tank – this tool is designed for hard work! Shove it into hardened clay or pry up the most stubborn weed and it will just smile.
  • Beautiful piece of art – Boasting twice-tempered stainless-steel construction with a solid molded handle, this beauty isn’t just a workhorse. It is lovely to behold and will grace your other garden implements with its eye-catching charm.

In this new era of working while staying home, this tool is ideal even in the smallest of gardens. It’s also great in raised beds and even containers. The common saying, “Let’s get growing!” has new, revitalized meaning. Grow a tomato plant, some greens, and expand your little herb garden.

Jump in! Gardening is the #1 outdoor activity, and we have the perfect tool – just for you!

Rudy Anderson
Manufacturing and Sales Manager
Skidger, LLC


  • Linda Hoffman says:

    I don’t understand you product descriptions. You have 2 seeders the same size but different prices. Same description on both. What’s the difference?

  • Great question. The Xtreme Weeder is made of stainless steel which resists rust and lasts longer. It also has two comfort grips and the blade is affixed with a bolt assembly. The Titan Weeder is made of carbon steel which is strong but less resistant to wear and weathering. It also has no comfort grips and the blade is affixed with rivets. While the Titan is great for getting the job done, the Xtreme Weeder is longer lasting and more versatile. Hope this helps answer your question. All the best!

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